Blockchain solution for business

What digital transformation in a customer experience sense is really all about?   It is expected to simply work! 

The connection of processes, information, service, divisions and actions as it relates to the customer. We help the traditional enterprise in developing a cohesive, connective strategy in optimizing the customer experience in the last mile of digital transformation journey.

About Us

We are a professional mobile applications development team based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, we worked with multi-national well-known IP & brands in creative UX UI design, product prototyping, user experience analysis, mobile application and blockchain solutions.

Digital Transformation

Blockchain technologies are driving digital transformation in multiple industries including: Insurance, legal, healthcare, retail, logistics, travel, human resources, education, media and entertainment, banking and fintech, real estate, supply chain management, digital advertising

  • Legal


    8 ways blockchain will transform legal services & regulations: blockchain law, smart contract, FOIA requests, notary services, corporate filings, dispute resolution/arbitration, chain of custody, digital intellectual property
  • Insurance


    Insurance companies are attempting to use blockchain solutions in fraud detection, risk preventation, property & casualty (P&C) insurance, health insurance, digitally track medical records
  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

    4 Ways Blockchain Will Change Supply Chain: Smart contract scan automate key processes, increase trust and security, change data exchange methods, quality control and maintenance reporting
  • Retail


    5 ways Blockchain will change the face Of retail: Accuracy, authenticity, logistics, payments and e-commerce, proof of ownership
  • Healthcare


    5 ways blockchain will change your health care experience: 1) Medical data sharing 2) Drug & supply chain integrity 3) Claims, billing management 4) Medical research 5) Case management
  • Banking & Fintech

    Banking & Fintech

    6 ways blockchain could disrupt banking: Payments, clearance & settlement systems, fundraising, securities, loans & credit, trade finance

Our Service

Blockchain Technology as a Service (BTaaS).  Delivering secure, distributed tailor-made blockchain solutions to help traiditional business in digital transformation.

Research & Planning

The research phase can be even longer than the dev phase, because we need to make sure we accurately identified your issues and requirements and designed a way to meet them perfectly.

  • Business requirement analysis
  • Feasibility study and use case research
  • Identify obstacles and risks
  • Detailed development plan
  • Key mile stone and time line
  • Pre-build visual modelling design


Agile approach, rapid development process are the core of this stage. Daily stand-ups and weekly team meetings, track project progress on 24/7 basis, and receive regular update reports.

  • Design, develop and test solutions
  • Pre-build software
  • Cloud-based integration
  • Instant system integration
  • Reduced downtime
  • Enterprise Grade applications


As your company grows and evolves, your blockchain solution needs to keep pace. That’s why we provide ongoing support, as well as new features, improvements and upgrades to existing functionality.

  • Full product life cycle services
  • Software support and maintenance
  • System testing and monitoring
  • Close/open beta, user acceptance test
  • Feedback and optimization
  • Continue analyse and research

News & Useful Resource

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  • Tencent Cloud

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    Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Whitepaper 2.0 on Distributed Ledger Technology
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    How Blockchain Will Accelerate Business Performance and Power the Smart Economy

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