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Blockchain Development for Business
Innovative Fast Deployment Approach


Providing Full-Stack Blockchain Development Services and Solutions to Startups and Enterprises for Business Excellence

Blockchain Development Services in Focus

At WeWa Interactive , we provide a range of blockchain application development services across various industries that introduce business transparency, security, automation, and efficiency. To be at the forefront of blockchain innovation, we keep improving our expertise, skills, and capabilities.

Proof of Concept

Explore The Application And Feasibility Of Blockchain Technology In Your Business Concept With Our Blockchain PoC Development

Minimum Viable Product

Test Your Business Idea Feasibility With MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development Enabled By Our Blockchain Experts, Writers, And Designers

Custom Blockchain Solutions

Get Specific Functionality Tailored To Your Needs. Our Custom-Fit Solutions Are Backed With Thorough Business Analysis And Seamless Integration

Industrial Solutions

Eliminate Friction, Establish Trust, And Augment The Efficiency Of Existing Processes While Facilitating New Value Across Businesses And Industries

Blockchain Application Development

Our blockchain development experts meticulously select blockchain technology platforms and frameworks like Hyperledger, Ethereum, Stellar, and more to build your business solution. Our development team stay committed to being abreast of the latest blockchain advancements and security techniques to keep you at the forefront of the innovation.


Create advanced solutions and systems that render intensive business workflows and transactions secure, accountable, and immutable with the latest Hyperledger frameworks and tools.


Develop secure, scalable, and reliable decentralized applications with the latest Ethereum standards like ERC-20 and programming, infrastructure, and testing tools.


Build public/permissioned and private business solutions that execute transactions in privacy and directly with Corda (CorDapp) and Corda Enterprise-powered features and smart contracts.


Build fast, secure, and cost-efficient fintech solutions with Stellar for use cases like global payment apps, asset exchange platform, remittances, micropayment services, and more.

Smart Contract Development

Blockchain smart contract development with platforms like Hyperledger, Ethereum, and more render your business future-proof by ensuring its security, automation, transparency, and more. Our developers thoroughly understand complex interdependencies and efficiency enablers to efficiently underpin smart contract solutions.

Enterprise Business Solutions

Permissioned/private smart contract development for enterprise solutions to maximize business efficiency with automation, streamlined business operations, security, transparency, and more

DAapp (Decentralized App) Development

Smart contract-powered dApps development, enabling minimized transaction failures, improved privacy and access control, strengthened data vulnerability against cyber threats, and much more.

Blockchain App Development Models

Our blockchain developers develop fast, efficient, and secure fintech applications for use cases like micropayments, crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, payment reconciliation, and more. For enterprises and startups alike, we build regulatory-compliant solutions with various blockchain-powered features.

Blockchain For Startups

  • MVP and POC development
  • System development with hybrid components
  • Smart contracts development
  • Public blockchain network development and integration
  • Permissionless yet permissioned blockchain solutions
  • Blockchain technology design, development, and support
  • Decentralized app (DApps) development

Blockchain For Businesses

  • Blockchain technology design, development, and support
  • Private and permissioned blockchain development
  • Create multilateral consortium networks
  • Integrating blockchain to optimize existing systems
  • System migration to blockchain-based infrastructure
  • Integration of permissionless blockchain networks
  • Proof of Concept and MVP design and development workshop

Microservice & Cloud-native Blockchain Technology Development Stack

Our blockchain developers develop fast, efficient, and secure fintech applications for use cases like microservice, cloud-native applications, NFT + blockchain, and more. For enterprises and startups alike, we build regulatory-compliant solutions with various blockchain-powered features.

IBM Blockchain Platform (IBP)

The IBM® Blockchain Platform for IBM Cloud is the next generation of IBM Blockchain Platform offerings, which gives you total control over your deployments, certificates, and private keys. It includes the new IBM Blockchain Platform console, a user interface that can simplify and accelerate the process of deploying components into a Kubernetes cluster on IBM Cloud managed and controlled by you.

The IBM Blockchain Platform includes the following key features:

  • Deploy easily. Use Ansible Playbooks or the Red Hat Marketplace to deploy networks quicker than ever before.
  • Easily code your smart contracts in Node.js, Golang, Java, or JavaScript. Use the IBM Blockchain Platform Developer Tools to easily develop smart contracts locally or use Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces to develop them in the cloud. Leverage SDK integration with the console, and learn from our rich tutorials and samples.
  • Simplified DevOps allows you to move from development to test to production in a single environment by scaling up your Kubernetes resources to add more components.
  • Up-to-date Fabric key features. Choose which version of Hyperledger Fabric you want to use when deploying peers or ordering nodes. Leverage the latest features of Hyperledger Fabric v1.4.12 and v2.2.4:


  • Smart contract lifecycle
  • Raft ordering service
  • Private data collections that provide increased data privacy by ensuring that ledger data is shared to only authorized peers via the gossip protocol.
  • Fabric Node OUs
  • Service discovery, allowing you to dynamically discover and update how your application interacts with your network.
  • Channel access control lists that allow you additional control of the governance of your channels and smart contracts.

Tencent Cloud Blockchain Service (TBaaS)

Tencent Cloud Blockchain as a Service (TBaaS) is built on the foundation of Tencent Cloud, allowing you to quickly build your own IT infrastructure and blockchain services on a flexible and open cloud platform. TBaaS integrates multiple underlying blockchain engines, which greatly reduces the cost of implementing the underlying technology of the blockchain, simplifies the construction and operation and maintenance of the blockchain, and at the same time faces various industry scenarios to meet your individual needs. One-stop fast delivery of customized TBaaS. 

Tencent Cloud Blockchain Service key features:

  • Cloud service
  • Alliance governance
  • Multi-engine support
  • Security and privacy
  • Privatization deployment
  • Enterprise Interconnection
  • Contract management
  • Certificate management
  • Storage optimization
  • Flexible configuration
  • Hardware encryption
  • Consensus mechanism
  • Cross-chain services (featured value-added services)
  • Trusted computing (featured value-added services)
  • Distributed identity (featured value-added services)